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Otaku Podcast Volume 3 : February 8, 2007

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01. Scary Song #1
Random track which I wrote in 2005. Not sure what the inspiration was for it or where the samples came from but here it is.

02. The Alter Destiny
A lot of samples from Sun Ra and the Residents yeilded this track. I've always loved it.

03. Untitled #39
I can't remember a single thing about this track. Done very early in our career.

04. I See (Live Mix)
NaN and I used to do lots of live sets in our house mixing my found records with his keyboard and drum machine antics. This is an except from one of the sessions.

05. Funk(Funk)
This was originally part of the "Dead" album but was cut out because it was deemed too long and too boring. Maybe you will enjoy it and maybe you won't.

06. 429
An old co-worker gave me a TDK 60 min cassette of babbling and strangeness which he had made years before. This is one of the tracks that came out of that project.

07. Twilight Dub
Base track used for our live set at the Future Primitive Soundsession In Dub. Pretty sparse and unfortunately there are no master DATs of our set at the show where we overlayed on top of this track. Still, it's a very groovy track with lots of potential.

08. Sex Song
An Otaku Valentine present for all you couples out there. Very vulgar and very stupid but somehow it never fails to entertain. Our great friend Brian "Snapper" Grams helped us out on this one.

- colonel 32

Otaku Podcast Volume 2 : January 10, 2007

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01. Chaser
Unreleased demo from around 1998. Created by NaN in San Francisco and one of our very first tracks. I've always loved this track and it would make a fine addition to any weird, spaced-out movie soundtrack.

02. seven
Another unreleased track from the "EP ONE" mini-album.

03. Idea #4
Early sketch written for a movie ("The Hand Of Doom") that never came out. And so the song never was finished.

04. Mista Chips Wild Ride
The "death" of Mista Chips. From the new album "Incorporeal Automata."

05. Dub Bass 2 (Live at Bottom of the Hill)
Taken from our first ever live performance as Otaku.Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco 2000 (maybe?).

06. Suburban Dwellers
Bonus track off our first album "Bitwise Operators." A really nice drum and bass groove. I like it.

07. Not For Sale
Unreleased demo from around 2001

- colonel 32

Otaku Podcast Volume 1 : January 1, 2007

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01. Special Tactics
Unreleased demo from around 1999

02. five
Unreleased track from the "EP ONE" mini-album.

03. Harsh Reality
Originally written for "The Dead" Album, it was instead given to the SF Dub Misson crew for release on their fantastic compilation "Babylon In Dub."

04. The Beat (NaN's Deep Paranoia Mix)
The original jungle mix. Not to be confused with the Colonel 32 remix on our album "Bitwise Operators"

05. Prime Evil (More Evil Mix)
Remix of an Orb track called "Prime Evil" off their "Bicycles & Tricycles" album

06. Mixed Bizness (In 3 Daze Dub)
Remix of Beck track from Midnight Vultures. I think this was submitted to Sonic Foundry's ACID website for a contest.

07. Barbarian Whores
If there ever was a "Most Popular" track from our debut album "Bitwise Operators," it's this song.

08. B.T.F.B.S.
Unfinished demo. A good friend of mine bet me that I couldn't write a better song that Fat Boy Slim. This was my starting attempt. Of special interest is the bassline which was lifted from a Phish concert.

09. Sweet Piano
Unreleased demo from around 2001

- colonel 32